Student Account Guardian Responsibilities

  The primary intended audience for this article is the district’s
Student Account Guardians. Click here for a list by school.


Your principal has identified you to District Technology Services as a Student Account Guardian for your school. The primary responsibilities of a Student Account Guardian are to:

  1. Assist students that have forgotten their passwords and do not know their security answers
    1. Verify the identity of the student
    2. Reset the student’s password
    3. Advise the student to reset their password and security questions at Password Manager
  2. Assist new-to-district high-needs students (secondary schools only) with initial password reset as directed by school administration
    1. Verify the identity of the student
    2. Set the student’s password to something the student is able to use and meets IEP, 504 or other learning requirements
  3. Assisting students whose account passwords have been identified as compromised
    1. Notify the student they need to reset their password due to suspicious activity
    2. DO NOT reset the password back to the default OR reuse any variation of an old password.

Verify Student Identity

The best way to verify a student identity is by checking the name and picture on he student’s school ID card or drivers license. If you have access to students in Infinite Campus, you could also use the photos there to verify their identity.

Resetting Student Passwords

  1. Access Student Password Reset from ClassLink.
  2. Search for the student by their username.
    1. Student username format: lastna.firstnDD
  3. Enter the student’s new password
    1. Minimum password length: 12 characters
    2. Previous passwords may not be reused
    3. Two of the following must be followed if the password is less than 16 characters:
      1. Passwords may not contain a significant portion of the person’s name
      2. Passwords may not contain a significant portion of the person’s last password
      3. Passwords may not contain any character 3 times or more consecutively
      4. Passwords must not contain a restricted pattern (see Password Manager for list)

Note: passwords cannot be changed in Infinite Campus