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Student Account Guardian Responsibilities

  The primary intended audience for this article is the district’s Student Account Guardians (SAGs).
Click here for a list of SAGs.


Your principal has identified you to District Technology Services as a Student Account Guardian (SAG) for your school. The primary responsibilities of a Student Account Guardian are to:

1. Verify the identity of a student requesting that their password be reset

2. Reset the student’s password and let them know the new one.

3. Remind the student that they have access to reset their own password at Password Manager

Verify Student Identity

The best way to verify a student identity is by checking the name and picture on he student’s school ID card or drivers license. If you have access to students in Infinite Campus, you could also use the photos there to verify their identity.

Resetting Student Passwords

studentpasswordreset1. Log into Student Password Reset with your standard username and password. This can also be found on the Staff Resource site.

2. Search for the student by their username.

Student username format: lastna.firstnDD

3. Enter the student’s new password

Password Requirements:

♦ Must be at least 8 characters long
♦ Must include:
– an upper-case letter
– a lower-case letter
– a number or symbol
♦ May not be a repeat of the past 6 passwords
♦ May not contain the student’s first or last name from their username

Note: passwords cannot be changed in Infinite Campus

4. Instruct the student to immediately go to and log in with their new password. This step is essential to make sure the new password syncs with Google and prevents future problems.

Students Resetting Passwords

passwordmanagerStudents will be required to reset their passwords every 365 days. Students, like staff, can reset their own passwords and establish security questions at the Password Manager.

Communication Considerations

Do your students know that they can contact you to reset their passwords? (Student Email Distribution Lists)

Do your teachers and staff know that students can contact you to have their passwords reset?

Questions? Please contact the Help Desk.


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