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Jamf – School Users | DTS

The district’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, Jamf,  is used to provide support and management of district iPads. Both school staff and DTS can use Jamf to perform tasks on iPads remotely.

School staff can use Jamf Control to perform the following tasks on student iPads assigned to their school:

  • Identify particular devices (such as primary devices) to allow access to some apps in Self Service
  • Install and remove configuration profiles such as Elevated Restrictions
  • Clear passcodes
  • Remote erase devices

DTS Staff can additionally:

  • Perform actions on a staff-issued and BYOD devices.

Only designated DTS Administrators can:

  • Initiate tracking on a device
  • Enter and edit custom field data such as site and asset tag
  • Add apps, books and other media to the Self Service app store

School staff who receive approval from their administrator AND who attend an Jamf training can receive access to the Jamf Control tool. To request training please submit a work ticket. DTS holds regular training opportunities based on need.

Additional troubleshooting information can be found in the support knowledge base .

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