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Erasing an iPad Using the MDM

School staff and DTS have the ability to remote erase iPads using JamfControl.

When should this command be used?

This command is used when a student leaves the school without erasing the iPad assigned to them. It should never be used on an iPad that is lost or missing as it will keep the user and DTS from locating the device.

To Remote Erase an iPad using JamfControl:

  1. Open a browser and go to Log in with your district username and password.

screenshot of Start Here tab

2. On the Device List tab, check the box next to the the device that you want to erase.

screen shot of Device List tab

3. Click the Commands tab, confirm the correct device is listed under Selected Devices, and click Wipe Device.

 screen shot of wipe device window


You should see the Apple Logo appear on the screen of the iPad as it goes through the process of erasing. Once completed, the iPad will appear at the initial welcome screen and is ready for a new user.

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