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Parental Restrictions – Allowed Content

Below is a video screencast to show you how to set “Screen Time” restrictions on your student’s iPad. For more in depth information regarding the instructional impact when disabling features, please read the sections below.

District Set Restrictions: 

All student devices have been set with the following media restrictions.  Although these restrictions may not be undone, parents can set additional restrictions beyond the district settings.

  • Music, Podcasts & iTune U:  Clean
  • Movies: G
  • Apps: 12+

 Additional restrictions with potential instructional impact:

Website Restrictions: 

  • Functional Impact: This will limit the websites that the student has access to to those specifically allowed.  These sites can be added at home by the parent or guardian, but they can cause a small disruption until the sites can be updated.
  • Instructional Impact: Some instructional materials have been blocked by Apple’s filter.  In this case. any instructional website will have to be manually added to allow student access.  Students will not be able to access instructional materials immediately in class.  Frequently digital curriculum links to resources outside of their domain.  Any digital curricular resources would have to be manually entered as separate websites to allow student access.  Click here to learn more.


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