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What to do when you leave SVVSD (‘How to’ for exiting students)

Here is a technology reminder list for withdrawing or graduating students.

Your District Account

Your district account for email, Infinite Campus, etc. will be disabled, the night after your last day in school. Here are some steps to take before you go:

1. Your Apple ID

Log in Apple ( and make sure you have a email address set as your Apple ID Primary Email Address.

Students under 13-years-old who had an Apple ID created though the district cannot change their Apple ID email address until they are 13. The Apple ID will still work but you must remember the password until you are 13 and can change it.

2. Your iPad Files

Before you turn in your district iPad, download, transfer, or forward any pictures, movies or other files you would like to keep to a personal account.

BYOD? Remove it from Mobile Device Management

3. Your District Gmail

Send an email to your important contacts letting them know your personal email address for future communication. Note: The school district maintains a list so that your username will not be reassigned to a future student.

4. Infinite Campus

Log into the Infinite Campus Portal, go to Contact Preferences and enter a Secondary Email Address. This will allow your school to contact you in the future. (Reunions, etc.)

5. Your Google Drive

Download your Google Drive files or transfer them to a personal Google account. more info

6. Schoology

Review Schoology and make sure you have copies of any of your content you want from there.

7. Other Documents

Copy any of your files stored on district computers, school shares, or file servers to a thumb drive you can take with you.

Have a great future!

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