Chromebook – TestNav verification for CMAS testing

Kiosk mode allows Chromebook laptop computers to be used for Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) testing.  This is done through an application called Pearson TestNav, and when enabled will be found under a menu item called Apps in the lower left hand corner of the login screen.

Note: To exit Kiosk mode on a Chromebook simply power off the device and restart it.

Perform the following steps to verify that your Chromebook is ready for CMAS testing:

  1. After the Chromebook has started, find Apps in the lower left hand corner.  Select TestNav from the menu
    • Note: If a user is still logged in, they must Sign Out before Apps will be available

  2. After TestNav has launched you will land at one of two screens:
    • If you end up at the Sign In screen proceed to Step 4
    • If you end up at the Where do you want to go? screen continue to Step 3
  3. If the TestNav app shows a screen that says Where do you want to go? then choose Colorado

    TestNav Where do you want to go? screen
  4. If the TestNav app shows a screen that says Sign In, for verification of the system, the username and password are username and password
    • Note: There is no way to determine what customer was selected from this screen, so if you have verified that you are entering the username and password correctly and are receiving password incorrect errors, proceed to Step 5

      TestNav Sign in Screen
  5. If you are receiving username/password incorrect errors, you can reset the customer by going to upper right and selecting Choose a different customer and return to Step 3
    TestNav Sign in Change Customer