Technology Donations

Computer Tech Donation Process

The St. Vrain Valley School District receives donations of technology from time to time and schools must follow the process below to insure donations are acceptable to the district. This will ensure compatibility with our systems and prevent the district from paying recycle costs for unusable equipment.

  1. Any technology donations must be approved by the Manager of Technical Support via email prior to acceptance of the donation. District Technology Services (DTS) will need manufacturer, model number, serial number, type, and the version of the operating system loaded.
  2. Once DTS has approved the donation the school must fill out a “Gift Acceptance Form” KCD-E and send it to the Finance department.
  3. Once these devices are received by the district, they fall under our policies and requirements both by DTS, Board of Education, State and Federal Statutes. (security)
  4. DTS will then bring the devices up to district standards with software.  These devices will not be refreshed by DTS.
  5. Donations of equipment older than 3 years will not be accepted.

Note 1:  After-school club tech devices (i.e. robotics)  that do not meet district standards will only be allowed on the svvsd-guest Wi-Fi network and will not receive any support hardware/software from DTS. The supporting program must use outside sources for support.

Note 2: Any donations accepted by a site without prior approval by DTS staff may be connected to the svvsd-guest Wi-Fi network, but may not connect to the internal wired or wireless networks.  This equipment will not receive support from DTS.

Note 3: Donation of software or technology-related services must be approved by the Curriculum Department and DTS prior to a school accepting the donation.