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Elementary Student Chromebooks will not lock after being idle

“Chromebooks used to timeout elementary students after 5 minutes, but now…”

Good news! Based on input received from elementary staff members, DTS will remove the setting that automatically logged elementary students out of their Chromebook after five minutes of inactivity on Monday, February 2nd. Moving forward, all elementary students using Chromebooks will not timeout due to inactivity.


What should teachers know?

Please have your students logout (or restart) when they are finished. Otherwise, the next student will have to logout before they can log on with their own username and password.

This change does not affect staff nor middle & high schools student accounts.

If you would like to read the details and background on this change, keep reading:


Chromebooks have had a setting applied to all users that will “Automatically lock screen on idle” requiring a user to enter their password when the device has been idle and/or goes to sleep. Google has defined idle time as 8 minutes if the Chromebook is connected to a power source, 6 minutes if not connected to a power source and has not provided the ability to modify the limits.

The input received for the younger grade levels reporting the 5 minutes is too short of a time for the devices to be used effectively. Resulting with too much lost instructional time by having the students re-enter their passwords. Google provides the ability to change the setting: “Always Automatically lock screen on idle” to “Never Automatically lock screen on idle” which DTS will be doing to address the input from elementary staff.

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