Moderating Google Group Email and Posts


Google group message moderation is enabled for some groups. Designated moderator(s) can approve or reject the messages before they’re distributed. This gives moderators the opportunity to make sure messages are appropriate for the entire group before they’re shared, if not approved the messages can be rejected or ignored. 

Those that are  designated moderator(s) of St Vrain Standard Distribution Lists will be able to post directly to these standard distribution groups as well as moderate all other pending messages. 

Those that would like to know more general information about Message Moderation of your own created groups can be found at this Google Workspace article: Turn On Message Moderation

Getting Notified of a Pending Message

When this feature has been enabled, the group’s designated moderator(s) will receive an email stating there is a message waiting for approval with the pending message at the bottom for review. It will appear similar to:


To Approve or Reject Pending Messages for Delivery

As shown in the above pending email message notification Click on the “approve or reject” link that will take you to the pending messages web site of the group. Note: if you are accessing from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, you may need to sign in to approve or reject messages.

Place a check next to the message and select one of the action buttons on the top right to approve or reject the message.

Note:  After 7 days Pending posts will be deleted (automatically rejected) if they’re not approved by a moderator. The option of ignoring a pending message is the same as rejecting.