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Citrix – How to add a printer to a Library Lookup station

Overview:  The “Citrix Library Printers” group policy is linked to the following OU – Servers/Citrix Servers/Horizon Servers/Lookup Servers where the library VMs are located.  Item level targeting is used to push site specific printers to the lookup accounts.

First check to see if there is a security group set up for the lookup accounts.
In AD go to St Vrain_Users> Dynix Lookup Station Accounts.
If there is not a security group for the site that needs the printer added then you will need to create one titled “”site” print” and add the lookup accounts to the security group.
In group policy management, locate the “Citrix Library Printers” group policy and edit it.
Go to User Configuration> Preferences> Control Panel Settings> Printers.
Right mouse click on printers and select New> Shared printer.
Select Action> Update.
Click on the button next to “Share path” and browse to find the printer that needs to be added.  Select the printer and click OK.
On the Common tab, tick the box to “Run in logged-on user’s security context” and “Item level targeting.”
Click on the Targeting button and select “New Item,” “Security Group.”
Click on the button next to “Group” and type in the name of the security group and click “Check Names” then click “Ok.”
Verify that the “User in Group” radio button is selected.
Select “Ok” and “Ok” and you are done.

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