Author or Editor: Michelle Bourgeois (DTS)

Staff iPad Assign and Unassign Procedures

Internal processes for DTS:

When an Assign or Unassign work ticket is received, the following procedures should be followed.

To assign a new staff member to an iPad:

  1. If school indicated in the ticket that an iPad was available on site, deliver a cable for the new teacher.
  2. If school requests an iPad be delivered:
    1. Get an iPad, cable, and charger from the DTS stock that is currently unassigned and place in a teacher Griffin case.
    2. Confirm that the iPad has a charge and that it is running the latest iOS. Update and charge if needed.
  3. Locate the iPad in the DMS library catalog and it check out to the teacher. Confirm that the loan period is correct (should renew on October 31 of the following school year).
  4. In Absolute, confirm that the iPad has the enrollment profile “Supervised”
  5. In Absolute, remove the iPad from the site “Stock”  and place it in “Staff” site.
  6. In Absolute, assign the iPad to the teacher.
  7. Notify Inventory clerk (Christi) to begin email series to staff member
  8. Deliver the iPad to the school – the person who submitted the ticket should be informed, but the iPad should be delivered to the new staff member.

To unassign a staff member from an iPad:

  1. Confirm site has possession of the iPad and charger in general good condition.
  2. Confirm that the site has had the user erase all content and settings from the iPad, including passcode.
  3. Collect the iPad and charger from the school (Unless the school indicated in the ticket that it would be assigned to the replacement teacher)
  4. In Destiny, check the iPad in from the teacher.
  5. In Absolute, remove the enrollment user.
  6. In Absolute, set the iPad site to Staff-Unassigned
  7. Pick up the iPad from the school.


  • If a user does not return an iPad in general good condition, please report it via a work ticket to DTS and inform the LTP manager.

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