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Missing iOS Device School Procedure

What do I do if a student can’t find their iPad?

  • First, ensure that school administration and your SRO are informed.
  • Use Find my iPad to attempt to locate the device. If the device is at a location that is unknown to the user, DO NOT attempt to recover the device without involving your SRO. (Directions for students and parents are linked on your school LTP site.) If Find my iPad is disabled, DTS may be able to use the MDM to locate the device.
  • Have your school administration submit a work ticket using this form. (Note that this is only available via login by a school administrator.)
  • In addition to initiating tracking, DTS staff will implement procedures that should render the device unusable and provide onscreen contact information for return of the device to the district.


For more information, please see the LTP Blog Loss and Theft documentation.

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