Establishing a VPP Account to Purchase iOS apps for Multiple iOS Devices

If your school or department is deploying iPod touch or iPad devices, there are several things that need to be taken into account as you get started. First and foremost it’s important to understand that if you are purchasing and syncing apps to multiple devices that are owned by a school or district department, you must purchase a license for that app for every device you intend to use that app on. How do you do that? Through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

To set up an account in the Volume Purchase Program Portal for the first time:

  1. See who has access to purchase apps for your school on this sheet or request access to your school’s account by completing this form . The person with access to the VPP store is called the “Content Manager,” “Program Facilitator,” or PF.
  2. Once you are in the role of Program Facilitator (PF) for your school or department, you can access the email linked to this account. Log into your district mail at
  3. Click on your account image in the top right corner and select the “Apple_YOUR SCHOOL_pf” account. This will be the PF email account you will use to make app purchases through VPP:
  4. In your PF inbox, you will have a message from Apple School Manager titled “[external] Set Up Your Managed Apple ID.” Open this message and click the link to open the Apple School Manager (ASM) website:
    ASM email
  5. On the login screen, enter your PF Apple ID and the temporary password that appeared in the welcome email.
    ASM login prompt
  6. On the following screen, enter the phone number you’ll be using for 2-factor authentication (2FA). After entering this number, you’ll receive a call or text from Apple, depending on the option you chose. Enter the 6-digit number you received to continue.
    ASM phone number
  7. The next screen will require creation of a new password. Follow the prompts, then click Change Password. Click OK after the message “Your Apple ID has been updated.”
  8. When you enter Apple School Manager, click on Apps and Books. You’ll need to agree to the Terms and Conditions before continuing.
    Terms & Conditions
  9. Search for an app you want to acquire for your site. If you’re acquiring a paid app, please review the article Adding Funds to a VPP Account prior to continuing.When you click on the appropriate app, details about the app will appear in the right portion of the window. In this window, choose the location to assign to (your site), and the quantity of licenses you’d like to acquire.  Please don’t acquire more licenses than you think you’d reasonably need, including room for growth. Large quantities of licenses can impact performance. Click Get to acquire the licenses.
    VPP purchase interface
  10. The first time you click Get, you’ll be prompted to update your payment information. Click Go to Settings, and on the following page, click Add next to My Billing Information.
    Payment info dialogContact info
  11. It’s not obvious, but the missing data in payment information is the phone number. You can use the same phone number used for 2-factor authentication on the Apple ID. Click Save when the phone number has been added.
    Add phone number
  12. When this is complete, return to Apps and Books to acquire the app licenses.
  13. Apps can be added to individual devices using Apple Configurator. Please see the Apple Configurator Resources article for more details.