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Can I get extra keycards for my building for copier use?

School Staff members typically receive a keycard from the secretary that allows the staff member to enter into the building and is also used to access the copiers.  Staff members that are part time or do not directly work in the building, do not always get a keycard for building access.  To accommodate employees without key cards for copier use, there are 2 options.

Option 1:  Each school was given a generic copier card for each copier they received.  If the staff member just needs to make copies, you may allow them to use one of the cards provided for this task.  It will be up to each school to manage how they use the generic copier cards.  Schools will not be able to request more generic copier cards.

Option 2:  If you determine that School Staff Members without key cards such as Coaches, PERA’s etc. need the ability to print and make copies, you may purchase copier only cards from DTS that can be registered in their name.

Note: Employees will have to either work inside of Citrix or use a district computer to send print jobs to the copiers.  These copier only cards will not work with the door system in your building.  If you have District employees who come from Student Services or other Departments other than a school, it will be up to that staff member’s supervisor to provide the employee with a copier only keycard.


To obtain copier only key cards, please email or call Mary Malpezzi at x 57704 for information on costs and how to purchase copier only keycards.

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