Access the St. Vrain Valley School District Share Drive from macOS

Note: this option is only available on a Macintosh-based computer connected to the St. Vrain Valley School District (svvsd) network.

1. From the Finder Menu Bar, click Go, then select Connect to Server… from the drop down menu

Screen Shot of Finder Screen
Screen Shot of Finder Screen

2. In the Connect to Server window, enter the server address: smb://

3. Click [+] to save this for future use under Favorite Servers:

Screen shot of server address

4. Click Connect

5. If connecting for the first time, select Connect to the pop-up warning window

Screen Shot of Connect screen

6. Enter district username (lastname_firstname) and password

7. Select Remember this password in my keychain then click Connect

Screen shot of login

8. The share drive will appear on the Desktop

Screen Shot of FInder with Shared drive loaded

9. Navigate to the shared folders from the Finder