Passcode Requirement on LTP iPads

All staff and secondary student district iPads purchased through the Learning Technology Program (LTP) require a passcode to be set. This is in order to provide better security, and will also lock the iPad after ten (10) failed passcode attempts.

The iPadOS includes several warnings and will prevent passcode attempts for one (1) minute, five (5) minutes, fifteen (15) minutes, and one (1) hour. After ten (10) failed attempts, a built-in Apple feature requires the iPad to be restored (erased) using a computer. The iPad is unusable at this point, and there is no recovery option other than restoring the device. Apple does not allow us to change or remove this limit. Check out this St. Vrain Valley School District Technology Services Support Site on how to restore and re-enroll a district iPad.

Note: District Technology Services Staff have the ability to clear passcodes for staff members or students if their iPads are connected to the Internet via a wireless network and have not been disabled. Additionally, some school staff have the same ability for students.

Passcode dialogs