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List of Supported Equipment

Below is a list of types of supported equipment. To verify the exact date of purchase, visit the SVVSD Equipment Details (Device Age) page.

The purchase date of the equipment will determine support. Equipment purchased more than 5 years prior to the start of a school year will no longer be supported. For example, in October of 2015, a computer purchased September 4, 2010 would be supported, but a computer purchased July 14, 2010 would be unsupported. Unsupported equipment will be removed from schools every summer, beginning when a school will have student iPads that fall.

As schools are phased into the LTP, “end of life” will mean the end of DTS support for these devices. “End of life” or “end of support” for administrative departments will mean the end of DTS support for these devices. If administrative departments choose not to refresh these devices, they may request thin clients to replace them. In either case, unsupported end of life equipment should be sent to DTS for auction or recycling.


 Type of Equipment Type of Support
iPad, iPhone supported until it will no longer run the current version of iOS
Desktop or laptop computer supported for 5 years

  • Examples of no longer supported
    • White MacBook
    • iMac
Chromebook supported until Google’s Auto Update Expiration date
Printer supported until parts replacement would exceed half the current value of the printer


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