DTS Supported Equipment

As we add a large amount of equipment with the Learning Technology Plan (LTP), it’s necessary to have a plan for the retirement of outdated equipment. The basics of this plan will follow the philosophy of the LTP, with desktop and laptop computers being retired after 5 years, and mobile devices after 4 years. The equipment life cycle guidelines will apply to all computers in the district, whether they were purchased for the LTP or by individual schools or departments. For computer equipment, this means, for example, that if a piece of equipment was purchased in February of 2014, a replacement should be ordered by the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

Microsoft support for Windows XP ended in April 2014, which means DTS will no longer be able to support computers running Windows XP. Please plan to replace or remove Windows XP computers as soon as possible because they are not only unsupportable but are also a tremendous security risk to the entire district. If you are affected or have any questions, please work with your DTS area support team accordingly. Microsoft support for Windows 7 will end in January 2020, so it is anticipated that all computers refreshed by DTS will be upgraded to a newer operating system before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Please see the List of Supported Equipment page for more information on which models are currently supported.

How can you tell when a computer was purchased?
DTS has a utility available that queries manufacturer sites for the approximate purchase date of equipment. This currently works with most Apple and Dell equipment.
SVVSD Equipment Details
You also can visit the Dell, Apple, and Lenovo sites to enter your serial number to receive an approximate date of purchase.
Apple (Doesn’t have purchase date, but generally tells the year in the model name)
You can also contact your site tech if you still have questions.

What if my lab is older than 5 years?
We’re working toward a 5-year replacement cycle, but as we get there, some labs will be older than 5 years. We’ll continue to support these labs until we replace them.

What about thin clients?
Thin clients will continue to be provided by DTS as the standard computers for staff not covered under the LTP. Please submit a work request if you need to report a problem with a thin client or need to request an additional thin client.

What about printers?
Printers are not yet listed on the equipment chart.

What about copiers?
Copiers purchased at the district level through the SPEAR initiative will be replaced at end of life.

What happens to equipment when it’s retired?
When equipment is retired, if it’s determined to have resale value, it will be posted to public auction, currently through Public Surplus. If it’s determined to be of inadequate value to justify sale, it will be recycled through a recycling contractor who will certify that it has been disposed of responsibly.