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Backing up your iOS Device

Backing up an iPad is different than backing up a computer.  The approach to backing up iPads is to back up content. Here are a couple articles about backing up your district iPhone or iPad.



Google Drive – This is the manual alternative.  Unlimited storage and your data can only be accessed while you have a SVVSD Google account.

Note: All Apple Apps and Google apps have the ability import all files, pictures and videos easily.  For all other apps installed, you will need to open each app and use the  (Share box) to upload each file into Google Drive manually.

Other options:

iCloud – This type of backup does not back up all of your data.  This is a selective backup.  You can restore your iOS device anywhere you have wifi access.

Note: Not all apps support iCloud backup services. iCloud backs up to 5GB of data for free.  Optional monthly fee to Apple for more cloud storage up to 2 TB.

iTunes (on your computer) – This takes a snap shot of your device, including settings. However with District enrolled iPads this featured is disabled due to complications when swapping out devices. You can only restore your iPad from the same computer you did the back up on.

Note: This is not an option that will work with SVVSD iPads.

How do I choose? – This article is important to read before choosing between iCloud, iTunes backup or Google Drive.  You cannot do iCloud and iTunes backups simultaneously.

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