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Adding Multiple Calendars to iPhone/iPad

Many of us need access to multiple district calendars from our mobile devices. Here is a simple way to add any of the calendars shared with us to our iPhones or iPads.

1. Go to Setting > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other

2. Under Calendars select Add CalDAV Account

3. Complete as shown:

4. Next – your information will be verified

5. Go to Google Calendar Sync Settings on your computer and select the shared calendars to be available in the Calendar app.


  • If account verification fails, make sure SSL is On.
  • To turn off the calendars you do not want, launch the Calendar app, click Calendars, uncheck the ones you do not want.
  • You will be asked to update the password on this CalDAV account whenever you change your password.
  • You may want to turn Calendars off in your district email account, otherwise you may see appointments twice.

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