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Elementary Email permission to accommodate IEP

Background Summary:

The need arose that Elementary students can have email enabled to accommodate their needs per an  Individual Education Plan (IEP).  This request was approved by The Leadership Cabinet.

The form states the following:

In order to best accommodate the following student’s Individual Education Plan, it has been determined that providing a district email account would be beneficial.

By signing the form below, parents agree to give permission to the St. Vrain Valley School District to create an email account for the specified elementary student and that they are aware of Board Policy EHC and EHC-E-2, and that they will monitor their child’s online activity to ensure safety and to optimize the learning environment.

Approval process:

  1. An Individual Education Plan is created for a student identifying  email access as beneficial.
  2. Student Services provides the form to the student’s parent.
  3. The parent-signed form is returned to for Student Services’ approval.
  4. Student Services passes the form to Chief Information Officer (CIO) approval.
  5. Upon approval, CIO will contact DTS Server Admins requesting the student email access. the form is returned to and maintained by Student Services.
  6. Server Admins will add the student to the Active Directory Group “Google Elementary enable email” > execute sync from AD to Google.

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