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How to authorize your key card on the Spear Printer

No work ticket is required to to authenticate your new key card with the Konica copiers. Please follow the below instructions.

Step 1.  Wave your key card over the card reader.  If you don’t have your keycard, type in Username and password (the same as computer logon)

Step 2.  Touch the empty boxes to enter your user name and password.  Then click the set button.

Step 3. If it does not automatically log you out, click the access button.

Step 4.  Test your card by waving it over the card reader.  The Spear print release screen will appear, if you have print jobs you will see them listed.  If you have no print jobs you will see the option to Copy or Scan/Fax.

Step 5. Click the access or log out button, this will depend on which screen you are at.

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