How to Authorize a Staff Keycard on the SVVSD-SPEAR Printer

No work ticket is required to authenticate a new staff member’s keycard with the SVVSD-SPEAR multi-function printers.

Authorize Staff Keycard on SVVSD-SPEAR Printer

  1. Wave keycard over the card reader
    • If a keycard is not available, type in district staff username and password
  2. Touch the empty boxes to enter the district staff username and password
    • The up arrow acts as a Caps Lock and not a Shift key, so it will be necessary to click it again after entering shifted character(s)
  3. Click the Set button
  4. If it does not automatically log out after clicking the Set button, click the Access button
  5. Test keycard by waving it over the card reader
  6. The SVVSD-SPEAR Print Release Screen will appear
    • If print jobs are available, they will be listed
    • If no print jobs are available, the option to Copy or Scan/Fax will appear
  7. Click the Access or Log Out button