Using Compressed Folders in Windows

Windows has a built in feature that allows you to compress files. The first step in using this feature is to create a Compressed (zipped) Folder

How to create a compressed Folder:

  1. Open your “My Documents” folder
  2. Right-click in the My Documents folder and go to New > Compressed (zipped) Folder
  3. Name the folder with the name of the document(s) that you want to compress. The folder icon has a zipper on it, indicating it is a compressed folder.

Adding Items To and Removing Items From a Compressed Folder:

  • Moving files and folders to or from compressed folders works the same as with normal uncompressed folders. You can simply drag a file to the compressed folder.
  • When a file is dragged to the compressed folder it is automatically compressed
  • When a file is moved out of a compressed folder, it is automatically uncompressed. The original compressed files remain in the compressed folder.

Attaching Compressed files to an e-mail

  1. Create the e-mail and click on the insert/attach icon
  2. Navigate to your “My Documents” folder and locate the Compressed (zipped) folder that you created
  3. Send the email
  • The Compressed (zipped) Folder acts as a single file when attached to an e-mail
  • Email attachments are limited to about 20MB per email. If your compressed folder is larger than 20 MB, you will need to break the contents into multiple compressed folders

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