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Access a Local Windows Hard Drive from Citrix

Description: This tutorial is for people using Citrix on a full-fledged Windows computer, not a thin client. It describes how to access the files on the local hard drive of the Windows computer.

1. Log into Citrix on the Windows computer.

2. A dialog box with the follow or similar message may pop up:

USB/Other Devices Security – Citrix online plug-in

A remote application has requested access to a file or information on a device attached to your computer.

Do you want to give permission to do this?

Check “Do not ask me again for this site.” and click yes

3. Click Start > Computer

4. Double-click on Local Disk (C: on your computer’s name)

5. In the window that opens, you will see a list of folders. These folders are on the local hard drive of the computer on which you are running Citrix.

6. Navigate through these folders to your files on your computer.

7. In Citrix, open Documents in another window. (Start > Documents)

8. You can now drag and drop files between your Citrix enviroment and your local hard drive.


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