Ergonomics and Device Use


What are some best practices surrounding device use to ensure proper ergonomics?


Using a mobile device for work has both benefits and drawbacks when thinking about musculoskeletal stress.  St. Vrain Valley Schools vetted several cases for multiple factors, one of which was to find a case with a stand that facilitated a neutral typing position to mitigate over-use injuries.

Below are are few tips to help mitigate potential musculoskeletal stress from device use:

  • Maintain a neutral writing position when typing
  • Use the provided case stand for that purpose
  • Be mindful of neck position
  • Hold the device or use the stand in a manner that creates a neutral neck position
  • Use the device for educational  purposes
  • Repetitive gaming motions can cause muscle stress and fatigue

To reduce eye strain and fatigue follow these tips:

  • Place the screen 20-26 inches away from your face and slightly below eye level
  • Keep the screen (or screen cover) clean
  • Regularly remove dust and fingerprints
  • Take breaks by following the 20-20-20 rule:
    • Take a break every 20-minutes and look at something 20-feet away for 20-seconds
  • Use device with good lighting (not too dark or excessive brightness)
  • Adjust the display settings:
    • Set the brightness to match your surroundings and adjust the text size