TestNav Proctor Cache Server Installation


This document will cover the installation of the ProctorCache service for the TestNav student testing software. Each year the software needs to be updated with the current version provided that year.

It runs in the Cloud, delivering tests via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers and a custom app on selected tablets. Current documentation regarding TestNav, system & network requirements along with the current installation files can be found at https://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/cmas or https://co.pearsonaccessnext.com/customer/index.action


  1. Obtain the installer from https://download.testnav.com/ selecting the “Download Proctor Cache” link, not the TestNav software.
  2. Run Installer

    1. Access the server to install the cache software. If a previous version exists > uninstall the previous version and delete the Proctor Cache folder at the root of c:\
      1. The installation is simple: execute the proctorcache-installer executable and continue through the screens accepting all the defaults.
  3. To test successful installation launch a web browser and go to http://<ServerHostName>or<ServerIP>:4480 It is a simple page, if it loads then all is good.
  4. If needed: Make appropriate changes in PRTG to monitor the server and ports.

Configuration of Pearson Web Site

Configurations, after installation, are NOT done on the servers this is done on the Pearson website.

When edits are needed: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO Edit, DO NOT DELETE OR CREATE UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. By editing, the same Config Codes can be used by the test proctors as past years

  1. In a web browser go to https://co.pearsonaccessnext.com/customer/index.action and login with your credentials. For the first time you may need to go through the ‘Forgot Password” process.
  2. After logged in > under Setup > goto TestNav Configurations
  3. For Search > leave the search field empty > select the down arrow next to search > check the box “Show all results” > Then click Search
  4. Select/check an appropriate configuration to edit
    1. Above search in the Tasks area select “Create / Edit TestNav Configuration” > click Start
      1. Reminder DO NOT DELETE
  5. In the Configuration window,  on the Left select the School Name, or else you will be Creating, which you are not to be doing unless instructed.
    1. Modify the Computer Name and IP
    2. Take note of the configuration Identifier, It should match the one in the Google Sheet.
    3. Press Save
  6. Use the Exit Tasks (upper right corner above the Save button) to go back and select another configuration
  7. The above process is how to do one configuration at a time. While there is not a way I’ve discovered to edit the same field on multiple configurations at one time. There is a way to avoid going back and forth editing one configuration and returning to select another. If you don’t figure this out on your own it is ok to do these one at a time.