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Chrome Device – Enterprise Enrollment


Chrome devices must be enrolled to be effectively managed by District Technology Services.  This will ensure that they receive the proper settings and updates to function within the district.

Enrollment Steps

  1. Power on the device.  (The Samsung devices, if new out of the box, will need to be briefly plugged into a charger in order to power up.)
  2. Follow the prompts, (Language, keyboard layout, and network connection)  and accept the Terms of Use.
    • NOTE: You must join SVVSD-Guest and accept Terms and Conditions to enroll device.
  3. Do NOT log on here.  Press ctrl+alt+E to access the enterprise enrollment logon screen.  (If anyone logs on to the device before enrolling it in the enterprise solution, the device will need to be reset and this process will need to be repeated.)
  4. Log on with a district account.  (example –
  5. Wait for the confirmation that the enrollment was successful.
    • NOTE: Once device is enrolled, check to see that the device has switched over to SVVSD WiFi.  Log in as yourself and remove SVVSD-Guest from the preferred network list.

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