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Delete Cookies and Clear Cache – Browser Specific Instructions

Many internet browser quirks and issues can resolved by deleting your cookies or clearing your cache. Here are instructions on how to do this.


In the Chrome address line type chrome://history, press Enter and click Clear  browsing data… > select to obliterate items from: all time, make sure Cached Images and Filescookies and other site and plug-in data, Download History, and Browsing History are checked (other items can be unchecked), click Clear browsing data. Now close chrome and re-launch.

Internet Explorer – Windows, or Citrix

Click on Tools (Gear on the right) > Internet Options. In the middle of the window that opens (Browsing History) click on Delete, in the next window make sure only Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, and Passwords are checked, then click on Delete. Click Ok. Quit Internet Explorer by going to File > Exit and re-launch Internet Explorer

Firefox – Mac OS, Windows, or Citrix

If your Menu Bar is not visible: go to Firefox > Options > Menu Bar

Go to the three lines in the top right of the address bar–> History->Clear Recent History Change the “Time Range to clear” to “Everything” Check the Browsing & Download History, Form and Search History, Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.  Click on Clear Now, Quit Firefox Launch Firefox again and try logging in to StVrain Apps.

Safari – Mac OS

Open Safari and on the menu bar go to History>Clear History.  In the box that opens, click on All History in the dropdown menu>Clear History.  Quit Safari and then relaunch Safari.

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