How to Connect to Home Drive on Macintosh Computer

This article describes how to connect to your Home Drive (My Documents) on any macOS system.  Please note that this procedure will only work while on the svvsd Wi-Fi network and is intended for staff (non-student) users.

  1. Select the Finder by clicking on the Desktop
  2. On Finder menu bar click on Go
  3. Select Connect to Server…
  4. For Home Drive, enter the following server address:
    • smb://lh-fs2/home/lastname_firstname/
      (Note: replace lastname_firstname with your district username)
  5. For Group Share Drive, enter the following server address:
    • smb://lh-fs2/STAFF Share/
  6. Optionally, click [+] to add this to your Favorite Servers: for future access
  7. Select Connect
macOS Connect to Server

Depending on your specific version of macOS, the the server icon will show up on your Desktop, or in your Computer menu (GO > Computer).

Share icon
Computer window for macOS

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