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Print Report Cards for Who and How


How do I keep track of who wants printed report cards?

How do I  print report cards?


  1. To mark students whose parents want printed report cards Go to Student Information > General > Permissions Tab > Set Print Report Card to Yes
  2. To Print Report Cards Elementary Schools:
    1. To know who wants printed report card Go to Ad Hoc Filter > Data Export > Registrar Group > Select Grade Level (the Ad Hocs all start with Print Report Card….) > Export file.
    2.  Go to Custom Reports > District > Elementary Report Card. Select Grade Level (can select all grade level teachers at once, ie 3rd grade ) and  check students based on Ad Hoc list.  Set Language to Home. Select Term. View Report. Export to a PDF file.  Save and Print
  3. To Print Report Cards Secondary Level
    1. Go to Grading & Standards > Reports > Report Cards.
    2. Select Appropriate Report Options or choose Display Options
    3. Click on Ad Hoc Filter > Registrar Group > Print Report Cards All Students for MS and HS.
    4. Either Generate Report of Submit to Batch depending on how many need to be printed.

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