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Work Orders Triaged: 374 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests. Phone Calls: 915 Voicemail Messages: 12 Email to Help Desk: 482 – Email sent to Email to Personal Accounts: 12 – Email sent to our named personal accounts. We request that all email be sent to This account [...]
Sample Blocked Page
DTS is implementing a new and improved web filter for St.Vrain Valley Schools. Starting June 1st you will see a different page for blocked websites. From this new page you can: Request a site be unblocked, or Login to gain access to sites appropriate for your role in the district Please note: the specific title [...]
Work Orders Triaged: 392 – The Help Desk triages incoming Computer work requests. Phone Calls: 801 Voicemail Messages: 184 Email to Help Desk: 454 – Email sent to *Starting in April 2016 all email sent to is automatically turned into a DTS work ticket. Email to Personal Accounts: 7 – Email [...]
Short Version: The current Password Manager for self-service password changes is being replaced with a more full-featured system. You will need to log into the new Password Manager and set up new security questions and answers by the end of the school year. New Password Manager address: Long Version: Over the [...]

My garbage disposal went out and I need a recommendation for a Plumber to remove & install a new one. Call me at 303-859-0742 or via e-mail: [...]
Over 20 listening centers-about 6 books/cassette/teacher guide. Mainly phonic stories grades Pre-K through 2. Also random kids books. Make reasonable offer. Sue 303 718 7162 [...]
Looking to sell my xbox one, comes with 3 controllers and GTA V. It is less than a year old. Asking $350 email at [...]
I'm looking for one person to rent out this space. You must be employed, responsible, clean, NON-SMOKER, respectful, willing to clean shared areas. Although I do love the 4-legged creatures….no pets. I work M-F & have [...]