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St. Vrain Technology


All St. Vrain students should be good digital citizens. In support of that goal, all secondary students will change their password from the default. This change promotes account security for all services including Infinite Campus, Google Apps, etc. Please look for detailed communications from DTS in the future on [...]
In today's world of phishing and identity theft, we all need to be aware of our virtual surroundings. On any web page asking you to log in you should see a lock in the address line. If you do not see the lock the page is not up to current [...]
Google Plus has been enabled for all staff. As is with other non-core Google apps, DTS is not able to provide complete support of this application. If you professionally go by a different name than the legal name used in your email address, you can change your display name using Google+. [...]
Work Orders Triaged: 239 – The Help Desk triages incoming Computer work requests. Phone Calls: 700 Voicemail Messages: 4 Email to Help Desk: 456 – Email sent to *Starting in April 2016 all email sent to is automatically turned into a DTS work ticket. Email to Personal Accounts: 4 – Email [...]

GE 10.6 cubic feet. 2′ x 5′. Works. Call 303.659.1293. [...]
I have 2 printers they work great I just got a new one. I have pictures and if you would like pictures or more information please email me at or call/text 720-526-5417 [...]
My son is selling discounted Rockies Tickets for his baseball team. If you're interested, let me know what game you'd like to attend (see attached images for $25 and $15 games) and how many tickets you'd [...]
Excellent, clean, well kept and update Patio House for rent. 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 2 car garage. This house is great for seniors as it is located in a very quiet senior neighborhood. SuperMarkets and [...]