Account source: method program uses to acquire user data

  • AD – program uses account data directly from Active Directory
  • Clever – program uses account data housed by Clever
  • Infinite Campus – program uses account data housed in Infinite Campus
  • Manual Entry – program uses account data entered into it manually
  • SFTP – program receives data via secure ftp transmission

Apple Store URL: the iOS App page on the Apple App Store

Audience: The groups of people that use the program, have a login, etc.

Authentication protocol: login protocol used by the program

  • ADFS – users log in via an ADFS interface
    • Clever
  • LDAP – users log in on a vendor created interface connected via LDAP to AD
    • SADA
  • Native – users log in on a vendor created interface using vendor housed account data

Be Aware/Considerations before use: a highlighted listing of points staff should consider before using the program with students. This is not an exhaustive or complete representation of an individual programs Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Staff are responsible for reading and understanding an individual programs Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before directing students to use it.


  • Assessment – program used in discovering and tracking student progress
  • Communications – program used as a tool to communicate
  • Curriculum & Content – program containing curriculum content
  • Data Management – program used to maintain data about students, teachers, or staff
  • FERPA School Official – vendor has been designated a School Official based on TOS or other
  • N/A – only used for Resource Types: Hardware, Tenant
  • Operations – program used in support of district operations
  • Productivity & Creativity – program used to build or create
  • Supplemental Learning Resource – program containing non-curriculum content
  • Utility – program used as a tool

Charter Schools

  • This site only applies to the use of programs at district (non-charter) schools. 


  • Program Contact – the person responsible for deciding the district goals and standards around the use of the program. For example, this person could decide the district is going to discontinue the use of the program.
  • Support Contact – the person or organization to contact with questions about using the program. For example, a teacher needs assistance in setting up a quiz or a school wishes to purchases additional licenses for the program.
  • Technical Contact – the person or organization to contact if the program is not functioning normally. For example, a new student is unable to log into the program after being enrolled or a teacher’s class roster is not available.

Contracts/Agreement: uploaded copy of vendor contract or Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Curriculum Tags: tags used to specify content type, used for Curriculum & Content and possibly Assessment and Productivity & Creativity

Data Shared: list of the types of student data shared by St. Vrain Valley Schools with the vendor via the program

*directory information per BoE Policy: JRA/JRC
**may also be considered directory information

Default password format: format or description of initial password, left blank if password is determined by another program

Description: the general description of a product and its intended use in St. Vrain Valley Schools

In-District Only: Programs labeled with “In-District Only” are only available from a device connected to the district’s internal network or Citrix.

MDM Availability: how an iOS App may be available in the Mobile Device Manager

New account timeline: when the program is available for use for new people

Password change specifications: description of password change requirements

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – includes the name of a student or family member, address, personal identifiers (e.g. social security number), indirect identifiers (e.g. date of birth), and other information whereby a “reasonable person in the school community” could identify the student.

Privacy Policy: web link to the programs Privacy Policy

Program is a Resource for: the programs intended audience

Program Link: the primary web address used to access the program

Recommended Tech: program’s recommended preferences for access via browser or App

Schools using: A list of the schools using a program with the status: Site-Based Implementation.

  • If your school would like to be listed on an existing program, please ask an administrator email
  • (Refused) – one or more schools decided not to use the program

Site Contacts List URL: the list of local contacts for the program on Site Contacts


  • Blacklisted – program is not allowed due to student data privacy violations
  • Denied – program was reviewed and not approved for use for a possible variety of reasons; this resource is not to be used in St.Vrain classrooms
  • End of Life – program is no longer used or supported. Programs that have been End of Life for five years may be deleted from Programs
  • In Pilot – program is in limited used and being evaluated for broader adoption
  • Self-Support – program is allowed but is not supported
  • Site-Based Implementation – program is in use at a limited number of campuses, it is not in general district-wide usage, and does not have district-level support.
  • Supported – program is approved and district-level support resources are provided
  • Vendor Support Only – program is approved but support is only provided by the vendor

Student Privacy Pledge: the program has taken the Student Privacy Pledge

Supported Version: the version(s) of the program supported in SVVSD

Terms of Service: web link to the program’s Terms of Service


Days Student Staff
New Accounts Username Change New Accounts Username Change
Day 0 The day the student’s information is entered into Infinite Campus The day the student’s name is updated in Infinite Campus The day the staff person’s information is entered in Active Directory The day the staff member contacts DTS to have their information updated in Active Directory
Day 1 The day after Day 0
Day 2 The day after Day 1
Day …
Next Tuesday The Tuesday after the Monday after Day 0
Next Wednesday The Wednesday after the Monday after Day 0
School Managed Accounts are created and updated by the school staff.
Coordinator Managed Accounts are created and updated by the Support or Technical Contact.

Title: Program Name used by SVVSD, Manufacturer’s Name


  • Resource Types
    • Available in Citrix Only – application is only available in Citrix, it is not installed on laptops or desktops
    • Computer Application – application installed locally on a desktop or laptop
    • Enterprise System – a server based system that does not have an online interface
    • Google Marketplace App – a third party application available through the district’s G Suite implementation
    • Hardware – information technology equipment
    • iOS App – an application that runs on an Apple iOS-based device
    • Kits – pre-configured collects of parts and supplies
    • SVVSD Program – an organizational program of St. Vrain Valley School
    • Tenant – a non-SVVSD organization contracted to receive services or lease space from the district
    • Website – a server-based system with an online interface
  • Provider Types
    • Institution of Higher Education – a college or university that provides a school service
    • Non-Educational Service Provider means any entity that provides services not primarily designed or marketed for use in a preschool, elementary school, or secondary school
    • School Service Contract Provider means any entity, other than a public education entity or an institution of higher education, that enters into a formal negotiated contract with a public education entity to provide a school service.
    • School Service On-Demand Provider means an entity, other than a public education entity, that provides a school service on occasion to a public education entity, subject to agreement by the public education entity, or an employee of the public education entity, to standard, non-negotiable terms and conditions of service established by the providing entity.
    • SVVSD Internal Service – service is hosted on internal systems

Username change timeline: when the program is available using a new username after a person has a  demographics change

Username format: format or description of the username


  • Student Data Privacy – this is a filtered view of programs that share one or more types of Shared Data
  • Student New Account Timeline – view of programs grouped by student New account timeline
  • Staff New Account Timeline – view of programs grouped by staff New account timeline
  • Student Name Change Timeline – view of programs grouped by student Username change timeline
  • Staff Name Change Timeline – view of programs grouped by staff Username change timeline

Vendor Info Release: status of student information release with vendor

Vendor Privacy Policy URL: the web address of the vendor’s privacy policy

Vendor Status URL: a vendor maintained website showing the status of the their program

Vendor Terms URL: the web address of the vendor’s terms of use