Critical Updates

You may notice in the coming days new software updates that will require you to restart your computer. We are taking advantage of the period between ACCESS and CMAS testing in order to make sure your systems are safe and secure.

There have been some recent vulnerabilities found in a majority of systems worldwide that […]

Dear Help Desk,

Last week I sent an email to my student’s parents with updated information on an exciting opportunity the kids will have next month. One parent responded asking that when emailing the entire group that I use the blind-copy function. What did she mean by this and is this a good idea? – Curious in Lyons


Personal Email Reminder

Never use your personal email account (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) when communicating with students, parents, or staff as an employee of St. Vrain Valley Schools.

We can’t guarantee that your personal email has the same security measures in place as the district’s systems. You do not have the right to personally store or retain student, […]

Update on Schoology

A reminder to students and teachers. If you are using Google Assignments and Drive within the Schoology App, and you haven’t updated your iPad or the App, you will get errors when connecting.

Please update your iPad and Schoology app for optimal functionality.

Meet Karen Adams

Department Inventory Specialist Years with DTS: 13

What does your average day look like? There is no life before coffee, so that is the first thing I do here at work. MUST HAVE COFFEE.

I then have a list of things I check all through the day: emails, work tickets, daily deliveries, anything that needs […]

February Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 345 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 764

Email to Help Desk: 459 – Email sent to

Email to Personal Accounts: 8 – Email sent to our named personal accounts. We request that all email be […]

Printer Project

DTS is updating the server systems that run the printers in our schools. As we make the changes at a specific school we are letting them know with a DTS Advisory. If you find you cannot print at a school that is not your primary work location please follow these instructions:

Mac Users – restart […]

Dear Help Desk,

My Inbox is loaded with thousands of old unread email messages. How can I delete all email received before June 1, 2015? ~ Thanks, Drowning in Old Email

Dear Drowning,

In the Google Mail search field enter: before:2015/06/01. Click the checkbox to select all email messages. At the top of the message list click Select […]

Student Data Privacy Update

Check out the updates on the district’s Student Data Privacy site. The site now has focus pages for parents, educators, and schools & departments.

The site can also be found in the quick links section of the SVVSD home page.

Programs Update

Discovered a great new online resource for your classroom? Need a opt-in or opt-out parent letter before you use it with students?

Great News! We’ve added an parent letter generator to Programs. These customizable letters feature:

Your School Logo A List of Student Data Shared Opt-In and Otp-Out formats, and much more

To use, log […]