Assessment Calendars

Assessment calendars are available on the Assessment site.

  • Tip: If you click on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom, it will be added to your own Google Calendar view.

Building Technology Contacts

Looking for the main technology contact at your school? Here is a list of Building Technology Contacts.


Ceran is where students can easily access the many online resources we have available here in the St. Vrain Valley School District. (

This resource page is named after Ceran de Hault de Lassus de St. Vrain. He was a fur trader in the 1800s. The St. Vrain River is named after him.

Cisco Phones

Here are a couple pointers about the district’s landline phone system.

  • Phone Manager ButtonIf your phone is displaying the previous person’s name, please contact your building secretary to get it updated.
  • Dial 9 to place an outside call.
  • You can reset your voicemail password with the Phone Manager.
  • Your voicemail will also be delivered to your email.
  • More information

Department Directory

Here is a handy directory of the district’s admin departments.

Different First Name?

If you professionally go by a different name than the legal name used in your email address, you can change your display name using Google+. This won’t change your actual email address, but it will change how your name is displayed to other people.

To do this, you will need to establish a Google+ Profile by going to and editing your Google+ profile.

Unprofessional display names, as determined by your supervisor, are not allowed.

Digital Library

Support: Media Service x57373
Media Services supports the District Digital Library powered by OverDrive. This digital library is available for all students and staff of SVVSD and contains thousands of ebooks and audiobooks in many different reading and interest levels. It is available for personal reading as well as whole-class reading.
  • How to Use the Digital Library –  for more information, please see the Digital Library tutorials under the TUTORIAL tab on the Media Services website.


Educators ( is a resource page on the St. Vrain Tech Network with educator-specific online resources and technology news.


Need Support? Help Desk x57730

Launch District EmailThe district uses Google’s Gmail for all district staff and students. To access your email, click on the Gmail button and enter your username and password. The first time, you will be prompted to accept Google’s Terms of Service. (

Warning! Middle and high school students have email addresses. Don’t accidentally send them information meant for a staff member.

How do you tell the difference? Student email addresses contain a number. Here is a sample:

Employee Calendars

Your employee group is assigned a specific calendar that specifies which days you work during the school year. Some people only work when students are in the classroom; some work additional days before and after classes are in session, and some work year round.

Your employee calendar is available on the Human Resources page of the district’s website

Employee Portal

Employee Portal Resource PageThe Employee Portal ( is a page on the district’s primary web site featuring employee resources and district news.

Help Desk

Looking for general technology or Infinite Campus support? Need to submit a technology work  request? Contact the DTS Help Desk at:

Help Desk
303-702-7730 x57730
M-F: 7:15 to 4:15

Infinite Campus

Need Support? Help Desk x57730

Infinite Campus Button - Teachers & StaffInfinite Campus (IC) is the district’s student information system. This online tool houses student data including: enrollments, attendance, class schedules, grade book, transcripts, immunization history, household (family) relationships, and more. It is the official source of information for state reporting, current transcripts, phone/text communications from the district to staff and parents.

  • Your specific access to Infinite Campus is based upon your job responsibilities.
  • In addition to staff access to data, there is also a Parent Portal providing guardians to access this information for their child(ren).
  • Campus Community is a support resource for Infinite Campus. It is available to all Campus users and accessible via your district’s Infinite Campus system.  The Campus Community provides a single sign-on access to the knowledge base, forum discussions, learning tools, support site, upcoming events and more.
    • Once logged in to Infinite Campus click on the waffle and click on Campus Community.

Infinite Visions

Need Support? Finance x57318

Launch Infinite VisionsInfinite Visions (IV) is the district’s human resources and financial system. It is also the system employees use to access their pay stubs, benefits, leave balances, etc. To access your pay stub, click on the Infinite Visions button and use your standard username and password. The first time you access this page you will need to verify your identity by answering a few simple questions.



Password Manager ButtonAll St. Vrain Valley Schools’ employees are required to reset their regular (Active Directory) passwords every two months. Five days before it is set to expire, you will receive a reminder email with instructions on resetting your password.

On the Internet: Click the Password Manager button and follow the prompts to Reset Your Password.  (

On a District Computer: If your password has expired, you will be prompted to reset your password. (No one else can be logged onto the computer when you do this.)

Click here to read more about the district’s password requirements.


Looking for some help with a specific application or program? Check out Programs: Contacts & Information. Here you will find support contacts, login information, tech tips and much more.

School Year Calendars

The school year calendars are available on the district’s website.

  • Tip: If you click on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom of the Quick View Calendar, it will be added to your own Google Calendar view.

Site Contacts

On the other hand, if you are looking for who does what in technology at your building, check out Site Contacts for Programs.

Staff Member

Staff Member Resource PageStaff Member ( is a resource page on the St. Vrain Tech Network with staff-specific online resources and technology news.

Toshiba Copiers & SPEAR

Each district school and building has two or more Toshiba copiers. These are the primary machines for copying and printing.

The first time you use a Toshiba you will need to associate your key card. Generally, this is the same keycard you use to open exterior doors.

  • Wave your key card over the the card reader
  • Enter your current username and password (the same ones you use for email)
  • Press Associate Card
  • Press the Access button on the panel

To make a copy

  • Wave your key card over the the card reader
  • Select Copy from the panel
  • Make your copies

To print to the copier

  • Select and print to the printer SVVSD-SPEAR from your computer
    • You may see a message about the printer being paused. This is normal.
  • Go to any Toshiba copier in the district
  • Wave your key card over the the card reader
  • The touch screen will show your available print jobs
  • Print jobs in the queue over 24 hours are deleted automatically

To log off the Toshiba

  • Press the Access button on the panel

Read More about Toshiba copiers on the Support Knowledge Base

User Names

Every St. Vrain student, teacher, and staff member has a username and password that is used to access most district computer systems.

Staff User Names

Format: lastname_firstname

Example: If Michael Smith worked for the district his username would be smith_michael

Student User Names

Format: lastna.firstnXX

Example: If Patricia Johnson (Born: Sept. 16, 2007) enrolled in the district her username would be johnso_patric16

Note: Most, but not all, district systems use the same username and password used to log into email. If you are unable to log in to a specific system you may want to check its login requirements on Programs: Contacts & Information.