Getting Started with Technology

First of all, Welcome to St. Vrain Valley Schools. Here are some brief instructions for the
computers systems you will use as an employee of our school district.

Your District Account

Every employee has a username and password that is used to access all the systems on this page. The format of these usernames is last_first.

Getting Started with TechnologyExample: If George Washington worked for the district his username would be washington_george

Your initial password is included on a card with your paperwork from Human Resources. (see sample to right)

Please note:

District passwords for staff are required to be changed every 2 months.

Read more about SVVSD Employee Accounts.

1. Reset Your Password

Before you access any of the district’s systems you must reset your password.

If at Home: Click the Password Manager button on the right and follow the prompts to Reset Your Password.  (

If at Work: If you have not reset your password at home, the first time you log onto a district computer, you will be prompted to reset your password. (No one else can be logged onto the computer when you do this.)

2. Your Security Questions

When you first log into the Password Manager you will be required to select security questions and answers. Your security questions let you reset your password if you forget it at any time in the future. Note: Security Answers are case sensitive. (

3. Your District Email

GmailThe district uses Google’s Gmail for all district staff and students. To access your new email, click on the Gmail button and use your username and password. You will be prompted to accept Google’s Terms of Service. (

Once you access your email, look for a series of Welcome emails from DTS Subscriptions. These will cover additional topics and questions you may have as you settle into your new job.

Note for those being issued iPads: you have to get this far in this process before your account will be fully ready to use with your iPad.

4. Infinite Visions

ivInfinite Visions is the district’s financial system. It is also the system employees use to access their pay stubs, benefits, vacation tracking, etc. To access your pay stub, click on the Infinite Visions button and use your username and password. The first time you access this page you will need to verify your identity by answering a few simple questions. (

Additional Resources

You now have access to HelpDeskthe basic technology all district teachers and staff need. For additional resources click one of the buttons below. For additional support, please contact your Building’s Technology Coordinator or the Help Desk.

educator staff

Once again, Welcome to

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