Team Huddles

Team Huddles – “Huddle Up!”

DTS holds bi-monthly “team huddles” typically lasting around 60 minutes. Our team huddle is intended to motivate, educate, and value our team members.

We believe these “get togethers” (let’s not call it a ‘meeting’) increases our appreciation for each other, builds trust, and gives us an opportunity to become better in many areas of life. It’s also an opportunity to bring our department mantra and shared values to the front of our thoughts. All members of the department take on leadership roles periodically.

Team Huddles frequently have the following common elements:

  • Motivation – Motivation often comes in the form of an inspirational video, a touching poem, empowering article, etc.
  • Recognition – We pass “Springy”, our home-made Spring In Your Step award, from one teammate to another to honor their contributions and attitudes in a public manner
  • Activity – We engage in a variety of games and activities (no ropes courses…….. yet). Getting to know, work with, and trust teammates through games, improv, and focused activities is a blast!
  • Appreciation for others… Above & Beyond Cards – We enjoy recognizing folks outside of our department so we nominate folks to receive a special thank you card from all members of DTS

Question: Who is in charge of the Team Huddle?

Answer: Everyone! Every member of our department leads a Team Huddle, or some part of it, at some time. They could be part of a mixed team or paired with people they work with every day. Variety is the spice of life, right?

A running list of our get togethers is provided below – scroll down and enjoy our Huddles. We have over 170+ so far!

DTS Huddle Slideshow Highlights from St. Vrain Tech.