Category: Where is Springy

Springy in cattails?

Springy has been hiding for a long time but has resurfaced! Where might Springy be hanging out?

Springy Went on a Quick Trip

    Springy, my wife, and I took a quick trip last weekend. Where did we go? If you already know where I went from talking to me or through social media, please let others guess without telling them!

Springy Looks at Sculpture

    Springy gets a close look at some sculpture. Where is he at?

Springy Going for a Sail

Springy enjoyed sailing, where?

Springy in Alamosa

    Springy went camping with me, which is why these pictures are late. Guess either location and win 100 points!

Springy, Where are you?

It’s behind you Springy!

Springy on the Seas

Where is our furry friend spending Spring Break?

Springy on the Rocks

Springy enjoyed the beautiful weather on Friday!

Springy: Enjoying Some Delicious Frozen Treats

    What better way to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather after such a cold spell!