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Team Huddle: September 13, 2019

Movement activity with DTS

As the busyness of the start of the school year settles down, it’s good to reflect on how to manage our energy. This huddle focused on being mindful of our personal needs. We started with movement activities to bring the energy up, followed by a short meditation to center ourselves and focus our awareness on… Continue Reading Team Huddle: September 13, 2019

Team Huddle: August 23, 2019

This summer, DTS team members participated in a department book study on the book “Get Better” by Todd Davis, Chief People Officer at Franklin Covey. At our August huddle, we wrapped up our book study with a summary activity. Teams of 3-4 people each selected a chapter and discussed the “What? So What? Now What?”… Continue Reading Team Huddle: August 23, 2019

Team Huddle: June 27, 2019

June 27 2019 Huddle

The Network team kicked off the huddle with a focus/mindfulness exercise. Spring In Your Step:Scott Stewart received Springy from Joe McBreen because of his delightful attitude and effort at Camp EmpowerED earlier in the summer.Way to go, Scott! Joe McBreen’s last DTS Team Huddle covered the following and sprinkled in some interactive counting exercises…  PAST: (“People tend… Continue Reading Team Huddle: June 27, 2019

Team Huddle: May 7, 2019

The Device Support Team presented a fun huddle at the Innovation Center. A penny for your thoughts? And the entire department surprised Eric Pierce with a ‘diaper drop’. Congrats, Eric!

Team Huddle: March 1, 2019

Above and Beyond Questions Activity, getting to know our coworkers.  The questions can be seen here.  The activity video below you can hear the excitement on asking these fun questions to each other. Below is the wrap up and the sharing video, we all had a great time. Description – Lorraine Activity – DTS After… Continue Reading Team Huddle: March 1, 2019

Team Huddle: February 22, 2019

Mike G at Huddle kneeling

Springy was passed from Christine to Kris Orrison – well done, Kris! Recognition and Praise for our department teammates, awesome people in other departments, and a teacher in particular (plus an activity to keep the communication gears greased):  

Team Huddle: February 8, 2019

Mike Labrow took the initiative to lead a clever and engaging Huddle. Nicely done, Mike! Joseph passed the Spring In Your Step award to Christine Pisano because she is, well… awesome! Way to go, Christine! A short video of this week’s team building activity Mike Labrow put together for us:

Team Huddle: January 4, 2019

Team members sitting at table with mugs of cocoa an drawing paper.

Our first huddle of 2019 was a time for Cocoa and Conversations! While our team enjoyed hot cocoa with all the fixings (thanks, Julie Read, for the homemade marshmallows!) each person created a poster to share the “One word that will carry us into 2019” Here’s a compilation of our words.   Springy: From Troy… Continue Reading Team Huddle: January 4, 2019

Team Meeting: December 14, 2018


Opening Activity – (Michelle) Tech A-Z with Dr. Haddad leading us off… Recognition – Our Superintendent, Dr. Haddad, presented Awards of Excellence to Mike Geroge and EJ Lewis! Springy (Sean) – From Joe McBreen to ….. Troy! Because he is always ‘present’! Above and Beyond cards (Dan)  Moments of Delight  (Michelle) #svvsdTechBingo Apple Store Teacher Tuesday Quilters… Continue Reading Team Meeting: December 14, 2018

Team Huddle: November 30, 2018

No matter how we evolve or change as a team, what do we value so much that it will never change? Our answers: Pride, Teamwork, Purpose, Enriching Education, Teamwork, Each Other, Excellence, Striving, Serving teachers and students, Camaraderie , Education-focused, Positivity!. Positive Intentions, Our WHY, Gratitude, Growing, Learning, Growth, Trust, Serving, Kindness, Never Going Back!, Excellence,… Continue Reading Team Huddle: November 30, 2018