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Corrine Hancock – Thriving in Chaos

Thriving in Chaos with Corrine Hancock

Coaching for Engagement (Bob Hancox and Dan Rockwell)

In late October of 2015 world-renowned leadership and organizational change experts Bob Hancox and Dan Rockwell worked with certain DTS personnel on the critically important topic of Coaching for Engagement. Powerful. The lessons are applicable to both the workplace and home life. Here are some pictures from the days:

Sean Stephenson (The Three Foot Giant)

Dr. Sean Stephenson, internationally recognized motivational expert spoke with us on September 23, 2014. It was a truly amazing experience and we feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn with this wonderful man! MP3 recording – Click to listen (or download)  

Randy Celya (HDI Trainer)

Randy Celya from The Coaching Bridge provided an outstanding HDI CSR training session on August 1, 2014:

Laura Stack (The Productivity Pro)

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, paid us a visit on 2/14/14 and shared some helpful perspectives & tips on how to be more productive and at ease in our ever-changing world. Thanks, Laura!

Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak)

Dan Rockwell, aka “Leadership Freak” visited with our staff on May 14, 2013. Visit Dan’s blog.

John Miller (QBQ!)

DTS has had the privilege of learning from John Miller through book studies and having him join us in person on May 18, 2012. Thank you for helping us all be more accountable, John! St. Vrain employees may download a recording (.mp3).

Kirk Weisler (Chief Morale Officer)

Kirk has been with us a few times: January 20, 2011 (The Big Moo) April 8, 2011 (telephone call) November 8, 2011 (Goals, Values) November 15, 2012 (Is Your Zipper Down?) Scroll down to learn more… Kirk Weisler Day – November 15, 2012: “Is your Zipper Down?” Link to MP3 recording of this session Kirk… Continue Reading Kirk Weisler (Chief Morale Officer)