Q&Q: February 18, 2019

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden


How does this apply to you and your work? What do you notice? What do you hope for moving forward?

Team Huddle: February 8, 2019

Mike Labrow took the initiative to lead a clever and engaging Huddle. Nicely done, Mike!

Joseph passed the Spring In Your Step award to Christine Pisano because she is, well… awesome! Way to go, Christine!

A short video of this week’s team building activity Mike Labrow put together for us:

Q&Q: February 11, 2019

Welcome to our team, Veronica Mendell! You inspired this week’s Quote and Question:

I just want to grow

I just want to grow

“I just wanna go on more adventure. Be around good energy. Connect with People. Learn new things. Grow.” ~TheKhookHaus

What can you do this week to grow, learn, connect, surround yourself with good energy, and go on more adventures?
BONUS – Do it!


Grow for it, team.  Stay strong, be classy, be kind.


Q&Q: February 4, 2019

We must never allow a day to pass without finding the answers to a list of important questions such as:  What is going on in our industry? What new challenges are currently facing our government? Our community? Our neighborhood? What are the new breakthroughs, the new opportunities, the new tools and techniques that have recently come to light? Who are the new personalities that are influencing world and local opinion? ~ Jim Rohn


All events affect us, and what affects us leaves an imprint on what we will one day be and how we will one day live. ~ Jim Rohn

What have you observed lately that had a lasting impression on you?

Q&Q: January 28, 2019

There is always a place for humor.


(You know that made you chuckle…) Seriously, let us know how humor helps to strengthen a team.

Q&Q: January 21, 2019

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. –Dalai Lama


How can you turn a bad morning into a good morning?

Team Huddle: January 4, 2019

Our first huddle of 2019 was a time for Cocoa and Conversations!

While our team enjoyed hot cocoa with all the fixings (thanks, Julie Read, for the homemade marshmallows!) each person created a poster to share the “One word that will carry us into 2019”

Team members sitting at table with mugs of cocoa an drawing paper.Joel, Mataa and Sean at the cocoa station

Here’s a compilation of our words.


Springy: From Troy Monroe to Eric Pierce

Q&Q: January 14, 2019

“The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” – Albert Camus


What gives you the will to persist through life’s challenges?

Q&Q: January 7, 2019

Don’t you just love the smiles of children? They are genuine and contagious.


What do you do when facing challenges? Could a smile help diffuse a situation?

Q&Q: December 31, 2018

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.  ―C. S. Lewis


What small step can you take to improve that one thing in your life that isn’t quite as awesome as you would like it to be?