Q & Q: April 1, 2019

Our world is full of half-baked facts and information. How do you keep from being fooled?


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  1. (Clever, Joel. I like it. )

    Think before you click!

  2. I frequently look up news stories that I consider questionable on Snopes and other fact-checking sites. It really amazes me how prevalent bad information is.

  3. I usually disregard stories that are not of interest or come unsolicited. We need to be protective of our time. You are right, there is so much mis-information or just prattling out there.

  4. I recently got a call on my work cell phone that I need to pay my gas bill within two hours or it will be shut off. They said go to 7-11 store on Hover and pay them and the gas won’t be shut off. WRONG !!!I had a few words for them.

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