Q&Q: March 18, 2019

An old story tells of a poor peasant who finds a bottle in the woods. The proverbial genie
appears offering the grant of any wish whatsoever…to which the peasant replied: “Kill my neighbor’s cow.”

Like the peasant, are we often blind to our own mental cages?

Productivity can be enhanced or thwarted by canned ways of thinking and doing. How can we
systematically insure that our habits and patterns of work accrue to the benefit of our organization?

What affect does cultural norm, prejudgement, inertia, etc. have on our work and personal habits?  Can you think of others?


  1. It is easy to be bound by our standard practices and routines. Many times, those are established for good reasons and produce desired outcomes. They can also become limiting when the “what” becomes more important that the “why” or when we are unable to look for fresh opportunities.
    I believe our team balances these well, maintaining standards of success while innovating!

  2. Great Q & Q, Dennis.

    Perhaps one way to lift the “blinders from our own mental cages” is by soliciting advice from a person you know will be brutally honest with you.

    Easy to say, difficult to do – but probably necessary to do repeatedly.

    Thanks, Dennis.

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