Q&Q: February 11, 2019

Welcome to our team, Veronica Mendell! You inspired this week’s Quote and Question:

I just want to grow

I just want to grow

“I just wanna go on more adventure. Be around good energy. Connect with People. Learn new things. Grow.” ~TheKhookHaus

What can you do this week to grow, learn, connect, surround yourself with good energy, and go on more adventures?
BONUS – Do it!


Grow for it, team.  Stay strong, be classy, be kind.


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    • Patrick Mount on February 11, 2019 at 6:11 pm
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    As author Dan Heath says in ‘The Power of Moments’, “Beware of the soul-sucking force of reasonableness.”
    Peak moments are rarely reasonable. Aware of this, any of us can open our minds to embark on those amazing adventures!

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