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Click to learn more about some of the ways we approach the important work of building our team culture and improving ourselves:

  • Team Huddle – Our department gets together twice per month (except during the summer) for approximately 60-90 minutes of team building and culture enhancing activities
  • Quote & Question – We discuss an empowering quote and question every week
  • Book Studies – An optional but growing part of our culture, we conduct book studies 3 or 4 times per year around topics that support our values and personal development
  • Our mantra – Rather than a “mission” statement, we crafted a two-word mantra we identify with and rally around
  • Our values¬†After several discussions, we all agreed on three core values, which provide the foundation of all of our efforts
  • Kudos Korner – Our teammates receive a great deal of praise & wanted to share with the world
  • Special Guests – Special guests periodically spend time with us to improve our ability to enhance education and lead better lives
  • Where is Springy? – We acknowledge the special people and work performed in DTS by passing our “Spring In Your Step” award

Karen from Martha Clemensen

All of us are responding so quickly to new dynamics and challenges of the COVID19 that we forget to stop and think about some of our wins.  Before I move on to respond to other challenges this morning I wanted to take a breath and share my appreciation with all of you for Karen Edwards. … Continue Reading Karen from Martha Clemensen

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Karen from Kristen Brohm

Hi Karen, Jenn and I were talking about you yesterday and we really wanted to reach out to you. We so appreciate you during this time. We began planning for IA back in October, because the program is of the magnitude that it takes that long. In a few short weeks, Jenn and I had… Continue Reading Karen from Kristen Brohm

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David – from Lindsay LaPorte

I just wanted to email you to give a huge shoutout to David, at the help desk. He is also so helpful to me and I really appreciate his patience and knowledge. David, thank you so much for all you do! Best, Lindsay LaPorteLearning & Technology Coach (LTC)

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Lorraine – from Eric Rauschkalb

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help yesterday in setting up the new phone. You are always so helpful and pleasant, I really appreciate you.Please stop by sometime so that I can show you around the new digs.Have a great weekend, and keep being an awesome person!

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