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Click to learn more about some of the ways we approach the important work of building our team culture and improving ourselves:

  • Team Huddle – Our department gets together twice per month (except during the summer) for approximately 60-90 minutes of team building and culture enhancing activities
  • Quote & Question – We discuss an empowering quote and question every week
  • Book Studies – An optional but growing part of our culture, we conduct book studies 3 or 4 times per year around topics that support our values and personal development
  • Our mantra – Rather than a “mission” statement, we crafted a two-word mantra we identify with and rally around
  • Our values After several discussions, we all agreed on three core values, which provide the foundation of all of our efforts
  • Kudos Korner – Our teammates receive a great deal of praise & wanted to share with the world
  • Special Guests – Special guests periodically spend time with us to improve our ability to enhance education and lead better lives
  • Where is Springy? – We acknowledge the special people and work performed in DTS by passing our “Spring In Your Step” award

Dennis and Lorraine – from Kim Wiggins

Kim Wiggins, SVVS Assessment Coordinator, shared Kudos to Dennis Moore and Lorraine Baxter Continue Reading Dennis and Lorraine – from Kim Wiggins

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Q&Q: July 15, 2019

Author and speaker George Curros measures daily success according to these three questions: 1. Did I learn one new thing today?2. Did I help or inspire one person?3. Did I show gratitude to someone who has had a positive impact on me? What criterion do you use to determine the success of your day?

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Q&Q: July 8, 2019

We are all reading – and daily aspiring to – “Get Better.” In Chapter 2 (Wear Glasses that Work), author Todd Davis quotes his colleague Dr. Stephen Covey: If you want to make minor changes in your life, work on your behavior. If you want significant, quantum breakthroughs, work on your paradigms. Describe a paradigm… Continue Reading Q&Q: July 8, 2019

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Q&Q: July 1, 2019

In his farewell message to DTS, Joe McBreen challenged us, “When asked what you do, you respond with something like ‘I enrich education by leading _____‘ rather than telling them your job title.” Based on Joe’s challenge, how do you answer, “What do you do?”

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