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Click to learn more about some of the ways we approach the important work of building our team culture and improving ourselves:

  • Team Huddle – Our department gets together twice per month (except during the summer) for approximately 60-90 minutes of team building and culture enhancing activities
  • Quote & Question – We discuss an empowering quote and question every week
  • Book Studies – An optional but growing part of our culture, we conduct book studies 3 or 4 times per year around topics that support our values and personal development
  • Our mantra – Rather than a “mission” statement, we crafted a two-word mantra we identify with and rally around
  • Our values¬†After several discussions, we all agreed on three core values, which provide the foundation of all of our efforts
  • Kudos Korner – Our teammates receive a great deal of praise & wanted to share with the world
  • Special Guests – Special guests periodically spend time with us to improve our ability to enhance education and lead better lives
  • Where is Springy? – We acknowledge the special people and work performed in DTS by passing our “Spring In Your Step” award

Nick – from Johnny Terrell

I’d like to thank you for coming by on short notice and cleaning up my computer and getting me back up and running.  I have been so impressed with your responsiveness and professionalism.  It’s people like you who make this such a great school district!

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Movement activity with DTS

Team Huddle: September 13, 2019

As the busyness of the start of the school year settles down, it’s good to reflect on how to manage our energy. This huddle focused on being mindful of our personal needs. We started with movement activities to bring the energy up, followed by a short meditation to center ourselves and focus our awareness on… Continue Reading Team Huddle: September 13, 2019

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Team Huddle: August 23, 2019

This summer, DTS team members participated in a department book study on the book “Get Better” by Todd Davis, Chief People Officer at Franklin Covey. At our August huddle, we wrapped up our book study with a summary activity. Teams of 3-4 people each selected a chapter and discussed the “What? So What? Now What?”… Continue Reading Team Huddle: August 23, 2019

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