ITAC Spring Meeting Summary

On March 30, the Elementary and Secondary Instructional Technology Advisory Committees met for the final conversations of the year. Here’s a summary of their work.

Elementary ITAC

Elementary ITAC reviewed the initial app listing for elementary iPads provided by the LTP. We began reviewing additional apps to be considered, so check back on the list over the next several months to see what additions we make!

We also reviewed the proposed settings and restrictions for classroom iPads to be purchased as part of the elementary LTP iPad program including:

  • App age level settings to be 4+
  • App store, iBooks store and in-app purchases to be disabled. Apps and books will be provided through the in-district LANrev apps store.
  • iMessage, Facetime, and Mail to be disabled. Teachers will be able to use these features on their staff iPad.

Finally, we discussed Classroom (Apple’s new feature set built into iOS 9.3) and decided that they warrant further investigation for adoption in elementary. Our 3 iPad Readiness schools (Eagle Crest, Erie Elementary and Thunder Valley K8) will begin to adopt the new Classroom features next year and report back to the committee on their discoveries.

Secondary ITAC

With the addition of Apple’s new School Manager and Classroom features as part of 9.3, we asked ITAC to explore the benefits as well as the implications of adopting these tools at the secondary level. At this time, the committee determined we should not pursue adoption in grades 6-12, but will watch and learn from the elementary schools who will be exploring.

We also explored apps that are installed on student devices in the district and looked at proposals for additions to our in district app store. DTS and theĀ Curriculum team will be investigating the new app proposals for possible inclusion next year.

If you’re interested in seeing the agendas and notes from the meetings, you can find them on the ITAC blog under Meeting Documents.