January 27, 2015 Secondary Meeting

IMG_0808The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) serves as the feedback and input mechanism for our implementation of the Learning Technology Plan. This group helps DTS gather information from our administrators, teachers, parents and students and uses that information to form recommendations for how we can best move forward thoughtfully.

The committee uses a consensus building process so that all voices are represented and so that all viewpoints are considered. While this means that discussion and dialogue can take a significant amount of time, it also means that our recommendations are truly our best thinking for all stakeholders.

Recommendations from the committee move on to our CIO and district leadership for final approval and implementation.

This month’s ITAC meeting focused on several topics that are top of mind in our secondary schools including:

  • What app level rating should be implemented at middle and high school levels?
  • How should schools and DTS manage student issued cables?
  • How should parents be involved in our upcoming HS iPad deployments?
  • Should iMessage be available to middle and high school students on district iPads?

If you’d like to view their recommendations, take a look at the January meeting agenda. Have comments or feedback for the committee? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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