The Learning Technology Plan

In previous months, the ITAC committee has shared the documents that frame the “Why” behind our upcoming Learning Technology Plan rollout. With input from others in the district, they framed an Actions and Attributes list to describe how technology should enhance teaching and learning in SVVSD. They also took into consideration the ways in which technology and curriculum are interconnected by looking at the district unit plans and the related technology vertical alignment.

With much input and guidance from the ITAC committee, we’re exited to share the SVVSD Learning Technology Plan and the timeline for rollout. You can see a copy of the plan by following this link.

You’ll notice that this year will include a focus on two middle school “readiness sites” who will assist us in determining the processes, procedures, and needs as we move forward with the remaining schools. All middle schools were invited to apply to become a readiness site, and the two selected sites will be announced soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like a synopsis of ┬áthe “when” and “what” of the Learning Technology Plan by level, use the links below

Elementary Learning Technology Plan

Middle School Learning Technology Plan

High School Learning Technology Plan

There’s much more to share about the plan including the options for professional learning as well as guidelines for parents, students, and teachers. We’ll be discussing these with the ITAC committee and will publish our progress and meeting information here.

We hope you’ll continue to share your input and feedback as we move forward.


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