Final ITAC Recommendations & Next Steps

After four months of thoughtful discussion and dialogue, ITAC is pleased to release their final recommendations to the CIO regarding the future of instructional technology in the St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Our schedule for Joe McBreen, our CIO, to take ITAC recommendations to district leadership was accelerated a bit, as there was much excitement to see the results.

Last week, the CIO presented a slate of recommendations based on your options to leadership.  You can see the final slate in Appendix D of the final recommendations document.  Because of their enthusiastic support and desire to move forward, we have been asked to present that slate of options as well as your work on this process to the Board of Education on June 12th.  I’ll be requesting some additional information from you for the board report in a future email.

In addition, the CIO has supported the continuation of the smaller ITAC subset to begin the implementation process for our technology rollout.  This will be a big project and we are excited to move forward.    Look for more information in the near future on the next steps in this process.

1 comment to Final ITAC Recommendations & Next Steps

  • Michele

    I hope we don’t forget about updating our districts libraries with current computers and technologies as they are the hub of information and resources for our schools.