ITAC Meeting 6 – Making Student Device Recommendations

At today’s sixth ITAC meeting, the teams will be working to hammer out their first draft recommendations for student devices in St. Vrain.  All members have been engaging their students, colleagues, and interested others in exploring possibilities of several devices, keeping in mind our desired actions and attributes.

The agenda for today’s meeting is here.  If you’d like to take a swing at your own recommendation, here’s a blank copy of the recommendation worksheet that the teams will be working with.  Please share your thinking in the comments.

1 comment to ITAC Meeting 6 – Making Student Device Recommendations

  • Lori Oling

    I was reading through the agenda and outcomes of your March 27 meeting. I was wondering if you have reached a decision yet about what you will be supplying elementary schools yet. I am the President of the Longmont Estates PTO. We had a fundraiser last year and have some extra money we would like to spend on the school. However, we don’t want to duplicate your spending. I believe you are having a meeting some time in April to make the final decision. Has that meeting/decision happened yet?

    THANKS so much!