ITAC Meeting 3: Outfitting Classroom and Lab Spaces

During this third meeting of ┬áthe ITAC committee, we began with an opportunity to adopt the final draft our Actions and Attributes document. The document will drive and define what we’ll look for as we make recommendations.

A majority of our meeting gave us an opportunity to begin thinking about learning spaces within our district – specifically classroom and computer lab spaces. Each group had an opportunity to review input from our Building Technology Contacts (BTCs) and from a district-wide survey we sent to all staff at the beginning of the month. You can find the links to that feedback in Activity 3 in the agenda.

The ITAC groups began to form their initial recommendations for classroom and computer lab spaces, but the final set of recommendations will not be made until we also have a chance to discuss three more realms:

  • devices for student use;
  • devices for teacher use; and
  • other learning spaces and resources

For those of you in the district, we hope you’ll provide the group with feedback as the recommendation process progresses. Our goal is to provide a thoughtful set of recommendations that will move our use of digital tools forward in St. Vrain. We’d like your input.

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